hey guys it is DJ Andy and today I am uh playing in a game based on the fours wathah before is in a row so you guys.

I played this game before and it's pretty hard to play unless I'm playing a teammate of noobs so let's get into it this might take a while. We're not right yes this is gonna take a while god .

Load up do the service that was actually a little.

Harder for so call me a noob but hey I've only played this part like your two minute Oh I believe ugly monkey oh you came out.

Out from I mean it's just something else because I am so newbie there's need needy. I'm terrible just completely terrible come on found out that younger people wonder such a move to, find noob actually maybe the fact that I'm getting better at this is the fact that, I'm not dying Oh they probably don't make this is the ice the wagons real guys the way is real any better 9 meters away, for real people, might think for AI or the Chinese guys real not even sure if they're tiny they could be the Japanese dr. melegari any of my videos and I'll leave a link in the description oh man.

The way you lie, is real come on so you guys well if you like the video then don't forget to go down into the light zone and punch that. Like button if you didn't then well he sure doesn't wake it anyway, if you want to then go subscribe to my channel and check out my other content so see you later guys .